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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imagination is the Key

There is nothing like a good imagination.  The mind is so powerful, so dynamic.  For some, a wondering mind creates better scenes than any movie ever constructed by an Oscar nominated director.  Avid readers often rave about how great a book is, only to be greatly disappointed by the movie.  How could measly words on pages be better than a multi-million dollar production?  The answer is simple.  Imagination.
When you read a book, your imagination gives you complete control of each scene.  While the author gives you an outline of how things look, your imagination adds depth, color, and feeling to the pages.  Readers fall in love with relatable characters, and build real-life resentment towards fictional antagonist.  While reading a book the reader becomes his own movie producer or director.  This is the reason why the movie version fails the readers at times.  In the mind of the readers, the actors casted to play roles don’t look or feel like the characters from the book.  Often the movie’s plot and climatic ending, isn’t as gripping or intense as it was when it was being played out in one’s mind. 

I can recall driving through the downtown area of a popular city with my uncle on a hot summer day.  We came to a red light where a young, very attractive woman was crossing the street.  She was gorgeous.  The woman had shoulder length hair, light-brown skin tone, athletic legs, with a matching curvy figure (Notice that I just gave you the outline of how she looked.  Your imagination fills in all of the gaps).  But it was how she was dressed that grabbed my uncle’s attention.  She had on a tight fitting t-shirt that barely covered her navel, and a pair of small shorts that allowed viewers to see the fatty part of her buttocks.  My uncle rolled down the passenger’s side window and abruptly shouted, “Dag girl!  Leave something for the imagination!”  Believe it or not, in his drunken obnoxiousness, my uncle was making a profound point.  
A women’s body should be earned.  Sexual relations should be the reward of cultivating a relationship, absolute commitment, marriage.  But nowadays, men are allowed to see the majority of some women’s bodies without any commitment.   My uncle and I got to see a woman’s curves at a crosswalk, stopped at a red light.  We didn’t even know her name!  Why would a man work hard for you if he is already reaping rewards?  In contrast, imagine a woman who dresses professionally, conservative by today’s standards.  Men are left wondering, “Who is she?  I like her smile.  She is different.”  


I remember talking about girls with my friends in school.  There were the girls who “left nothing for the imagination.”  Not a lot of time was spent discussing them.  We already knew what they were about.  They were easy.   They were not given the appropriate respect that they deserved.  They remind me of a line from the movie Don’t Be a Menaceto South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.  The main character exclaims, “...if you kiss her, you’ll end up kissing every guy at the party.”  But on the other hand there were girls that we talked about all the time.  The type of girls that had our imagination running rapid.  Their hair was nice, they had pretty smiles, and they smelled good.  You knew they had a nice body, but you had to use your imagination because she was not giving out any free peeks.  If a woman doesn’t view herself as a precious treasure, what kind of value should a man assign to her?

Worthwhile women are those who leave men wanting more.  Women who affect their mind, and who cause them to imagine the possibilities, are the ones that men really want.   The girl at the supermarket, who is showing everyone everything that she is working with, is nice to look at.  But where is the intrigue?  Besides her body, what is inviting a man to want to get to know her better?  The provocative dress has turned her into an object, instead of a person.  There is no need to imagine what being with her will look like because she has already showed us.  I’M JUST SAYING!! 


  1. i love this! the line " If a woman doesn’t view herself as a precious treasure, what kind of value should a man assign to her?",especially interests me!

  2. SO glad to read this. Finally, somebody that sees that putting a ring on it doesn't make it on the room service menu.



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