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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Ratchets Are Coming

Anyone or thing with a pulse has observed that the level of ratchet individuals are at an all-time high.  What is a ratchet?  A slang term derived from the mispronunciation of the word “wretched”.  The Urban Dictionary defines a ratchet as, “A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos that has reason to believe she is every man’s eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong.” 

Without a doubt, ratchet behavior is taking over all forms of media.  We have all seen them on e-mails, Facebook, tweets, and videos. 

Some of us have even been blessed to see a ratchet individual, live in person.  Or better yet, you may have had the privilege of having one in your own family!  Ratchets come in all genders, colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The most common response to a ratchet’s activity is the shaking of one’s head (also known as SMH (shaking my head)).  But here’s is an important question.  Has ratchet behavior always existed, or is this some new, modern concept? 

There has always been, and will always be…. ratchets.  There were ratchets before the flood of Noah’s day.  There were ratchet slaves. There are even ratchet toddlers today being trained by their ratchet parents. 

Back in the day the ratchets were kept under wraps, a secret to society.  There were known by their families, and their neighborhoods, but that was it.  All of their crazy outfits and unacceptable behavior never saw the light of day. 

For example: If Leroy prefers to sleep in women’s pajamas, nobody would ever know.  There’s no way he has a girlfriend and if his parents found out, they are not telling anybody about it.  But something has changed.  Technology.

The invention of the digital camera, more importantly the camera phone, has invited every underground ratchet to come out and play.  It’s one thing for one person to see something strange, outright weird.  But you are just one person.  Now you can take a photo of Leroy in his women’s pajamas and post it on Instagram or on Twitter for the world to see.  Or most likely, Leroy is taking and posting pictures of himself saying, "Don't I look good?" 

If you multiply this process times 10,000, you instantly have a belief that the ratchets are on the increase.  Giving a ratchet a camera is like pouring water on Gizmo from the gremlins.  All types of foolishness will break loose.  Not to mention, the ratchets are always witnessing breaking news on local news coverage.  Or, doing something stupid in the club.  I completely disapprove of the buffoonery.  But boy is it funny!  I’M JUST SAYING!            

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