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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mentality of The Side Chick Vol. 1

The worldwide divorce rate is between 45 and 50%. 

 What does this mean?  Well, if you’re debating marriage, flip a coin to determine, whether or not, your marriage will last.  Also keep in mind that you should never do a double wedding ceremony with a friend.  Why?  The odds are that one of your marriages is not going to survive.  Why is there such a big decline in marriage longevity?    

 Statistics show that there are many reasons that lead to divorce, such as: physical abuse, drug abuse, communication gaps, financial hardships, sexual compatibility (humans have bought this on themselves which will be discussed in another blog post), depression, and work stress.  But the overwhelming leading cause of divorce is INFIDELITY.  A recent study showed that 60% of marriages involve a mate that has been unfaithful.  We can illustrate these numbers this way:

 Let’s say that 20 people in the U.S. decided to get married tomorrow.  In 5 years, 12 of these marriages would be dealing with infidelity from at least one spouse.  10 would have filed for divorce.  The remaining two marriages (who are dealing with a cheating spouse) would decide to work it out and stay together.  That leaves us with eight marriages, where both spouses have been faithful and loyal to each other (remember that we started with 20).   

 Are these numbers being brought up to discourage people away from marriage?  Not at all.  These statistics clearly show that marriage is hard work.  Unlike the fairy tales, individuals must labor for the so-called “happy ending.”  We were told that PrinceCharming woke up Sleeping Beauty, and that they lived happily ever after.  No one ever discloses to us that 2 years into their marriage, Prince Charming slept with one of the house servants, and that Sleeping Beauty almost left him.  In order to deal with the pain of her husband’s infidelity, Sleeping Beauty became a heavy drinker.

 There are so many influences and empty deceptions combating the idea of a faithful marriage.  It is only through a close relationship with God, and possessing a common spirituality, that enables a marriage to survive.  We all reflect happily upon our grandparents and how long marriages lasted back in the day.  Our grandparents were not superhuman; they were imperfect just like us.  What has changed?  Is it possible for two people in love to remain married for 60 plus years in this day and age? 

 To answer these questions we must go to one of the culprits working against us- The Side Chick.  If you could somehow get rid of the infidelity, the statistics of a longer lasting marriage would increase significantly.  One can avoid danger, if they would stay away from dangerous situations.  The signs of cheating are invisible until they are revealed; then the signs of cheating become clear as day. 

 In upcoming posts on this subject I will be introducing you to The Side Chick.  What does she look like?  What does she talk about?  Who is she looking for?  Do you already know her?  What is her motivation?  Through various interviews and conversations, you will be able to take a glimpse inside the mentality of The Side Chick.  I guarantee you that your grandparents knew about her.  I’M JUST SAYING! 


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