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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Donald Sterling Played Us All

Unless you have been living in Antarctica without a Wi-Fi connection, you are familiar with the Donald Sterling situation.  The levels of outrage over a private recording where Sterling admits to “not wanting black people to come to Clippers games,” reached epic proportions.  The Sterling saga took over all news outlets, talk radio, office discussions, and the internet.  The fallout from Sterling’s comments was so severe that advertisers voided their contracts with the Clippers.   The public’s fury left the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, with no choice but to suspend the Clipper’s owner indefinitely.  Silver also promised that Sterling would be force to sell his team, the Clippers.  Clearly, there is no way that Donald Sterling could have ever imagined that all of this would happen as a result of a secret recording.  Or did he?  Could all of this have been planned?    

Donald Sterling is an 80-year old man.  It has been revealed that he has prostate cancer.  He has also been diagnosed with having dementia.  Not to mention that he has an estranged wife and a mistress.  Simply put, Sterling does not have long to live.  The Clippers were one of his biggest assets.  But how much was the team really worth?  Upon his death, how much money would he be passing on to his family?  Before the scandal the Los Angeles Clippers were valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million.   But in order to get an actual value of the team, it would have to be put on the selling block. 

Buying a sports franchise is a long process.  In recent cases, these sales can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  First, a team would have to become available.  Second, a bidding war has to take place, and a winner selected.  Third, the funds of the winning bidder would have to be verified including a background check.  Then finally, team owners would have to approve of the sale.  You can hear Donald Sterling mimicking Sweet Brown saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

So what do you do?  You leak an audiotape to TMZ.  A tape that him and his family knew existed before it was made public.  Public outrage forces Sterling to sell the team.  Big names such as P. Diddy, Oprah, Grant Hill, and others are all involved in the process.  The result?  The Clippers sold for 4 times as much as estimated, $2 billion to be exact.  How long did it take to complete the process? 
Well from the time the tape leaked to the sale of the team, a little over 5 weeks.  Amazing!  Just another example of the public putting a rich person in their place.  Nothing says discipline like forcing someone to make $1 billion.  I’M JUST SAYING!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Evolution of the Side Chick

A side chick can be defined as: the other woman; also known as the mistress, a female that is not a male's wife or girlfriend but still has relations with him while he is in another relationship.

Just a few decades ago the side chick was viewed as being:  despicable, a home wrecker, slut, devious, borderline prostitute.  If you would ask the wife of the man of whom she cheated with, she might be referred to as a “downright hoe”.  Fast forward 25 years and feelings have done a 180 degree turn when it comes to the “other woman”.  Nowadays she is thought of as being: confused, misunderstood, a go-getter, a woman left with no choice due to the shortage of available men.  Why the change of heart?  Thanks to the media and entertainment, the side chick has evolved right before our eyes. 

Years ago the side chick (or other woman) would be the villain in a movie or show.  She was a psychopath and a stalker.  Her sole intent was to take the married man and make him hers (aka the movie FatalAttraction).  Or in other renditions the side chick falls in love with a man, only to find out after the fact that he is married.  Once she realizes what she has done, she feels guilty and the cheating husband is made out to look like a cheating dog. The latter situation brings a little sympathy towards the side chick, but not much.  Viewers of both scenarios are left with hard feelings toward the side chick. 

However, things are totally different today.  The side chick has now become the main character.  We know her name, where she works, and what she likes to drink.  She knows that her love interest is already married or in a relationship.  Viewers are giving a detailed look into her upbringing, which makes it easy to condone what she has become.  Yes, side chicks have evolved.  They are educated, business women, who would rather associate with another woman’s man than go out and find their own.   Often the audience is left cheering, or feeling sorry for the side chick.  

Indeed a complete 180 degree change from the views of decades before.  Just think: if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive right now, one of his mistresses would have a show on VH1 and women aged 16-35 would love it!  I’M JUST SAYING!  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cyber Bullying Survival Technique

We are all familiar with the quote, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”  Despite mankind’s professed betterment and scientific achievements, we really are not any different from our early ancestors.  Nowhere is this found to be more accurate than when it comes to our dealings with one another. 

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on how to solve the problem of cyber bullying.  What is it?  Cyber-bullying is when a person is mean or cruel to another person through the use of technology.  It could come in the form of mean text messages or e-mails, rumors sent by e-mail or posted on a social networking site, or embarrassing pictures or videos posted on a website.  This type of bullying has gotten so severe that in some cases teens have committed suicide.  Cyber bullying is not just a problem affecting young peopleThePew Research Center recently revealed that 39% of all people on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) will be bullied. Since cyber bullying today is so prevalent, how can a person effectively deal with it once it happens?    This question can be answered by asking another question:  How was bullying dealt with in the past? 

Mentally and physically tough people will tell you to confront the bully.  But that doesn't work for everyone.  I know it didn't work for me.  I can recall in the 7th grade I experienced a bullying problem (I know, I know... It’s hard to believe).   There was a kid in my grade who had failed the 5th grade, which left him being bigger than every other boy in the 7th grade.  He certainly used this to his advantage.  He would boss people around and make them do his homework.  People were so afraid of him they would lie to teachers repeatedly in his behalf.  As a direct result of his bullying, everyday at lunch he would somehow end up with two lunches despite him only having a ticket for one! 

One day in the cafeteria, while eating his second lunch, he started to pick on an isolated, heavyset kid.  Everybody knew that this kid was “special”, and in my mind he crossed the line.  So I approached him and said, “Leave him alone man, you know he’s retarded (We were less politically correct back then)!”  The bully finished swallowing some of his second apple juice and yelled, “Yeah, retarded like your mother!” 
What was I to do?  He just insulted my mother, right in front of me.  He said it loud enough for half of the school to hear.  You could hear some of my fellow classmates saying, “Ooh!”

What happened next neither I nor anyone else could have seen coming.  To be honest I kind of blacked out.  The only reason I can recall the story is because of my best friend relating it to me later.  Well, what happened?
 I stood up to the bully.  I walked up to him.  He stood up and I looked up, right into his eyes, and said, “I rather have a retarded mother than have a mom in jail, for being the neighborhood hooker!”  By this time the teachers have approached to separate the two of us.  As we were being broken up the bully resounded, “We’ll finish this after school!”  To which I responded, “You know where I be at!”  Until this day, I don’t know why he was so upset.  Everything I stated was factual. 

So what did I do next?  I did what any other person would do in my situation. 
Once the bell rang, I ran to the bus as fast as I could!  Usain Bolt would have been proud of my running form on that day.  For the next 2 weeks I hid from the bully.  I took different routes to classes, including going to the nurse’s office for lunch. 

Eventually the bully caught up to me, but that’s not the point.  The point is that a bully can’t bully you, if you’re not around.    The way I dealt with my bully is the same way youth and any other person can handle a cyber bully today.  If a person is bullying you on the internet, block them.  If you cannot block them, tell the authorities, perhaps they can break you and the bully apart.  But if all else fails just sign out, or turn you electronic device off.  It’s not worth killing yourself.  You can live without being on the internet.  Trust me.  Mankind has survived without being on a social network for centuries.  I’M JUST SAYING!  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imagination is the Key

There is nothing like a good imagination.  The mind is so powerful, so dynamic.  For some, a wondering mind creates better scenes than any movie ever constructed by an Oscar nominated director.  Avid readers often rave about how great a book is, only to be greatly disappointed by the movie.  How could measly words on pages be better than a multi-million dollar production?  The answer is simple.  Imagination.
When you read a book, your imagination gives you complete control of each scene.  While the author gives you an outline of how things look, your imagination adds depth, color, and feeling to the pages.  Readers fall in love with relatable characters, and build real-life resentment towards fictional antagonist.  While reading a book the reader becomes his own movie producer or director.  This is the reason why the movie version fails the readers at times.  In the mind of the readers, the actors casted to play roles don’t look or feel like the characters from the book.  Often the movie’s plot and climatic ending, isn’t as gripping or intense as it was when it was being played out in one’s mind. 

I can recall driving through the downtown area of a popular city with my uncle on a hot summer day.  We came to a red light where a young, very attractive woman was crossing the street.  She was gorgeous.  The woman had shoulder length hair, light-brown skin tone, athletic legs, with a matching curvy figure (Notice that I just gave you the outline of how she looked.  Your imagination fills in all of the gaps).  But it was how she was dressed that grabbed my uncle’s attention.  She had on a tight fitting t-shirt that barely covered her navel, and a pair of small shorts that allowed viewers to see the fatty part of her buttocks.  My uncle rolled down the passenger’s side window and abruptly shouted, “Dag girl!  Leave something for the imagination!”  Believe it or not, in his drunken obnoxiousness, my uncle was making a profound point.  
A women’s body should be earned.  Sexual relations should be the reward of cultivating a relationship, absolute commitment, marriage.  But nowadays, men are allowed to see the majority of some women’s bodies without any commitment.   My uncle and I got to see a woman’s curves at a crosswalk, stopped at a red light.  We didn’t even know her name!  Why would a man work hard for you if he is already reaping rewards?  In contrast, imagine a woman who dresses professionally, conservative by today’s standards.  Men are left wondering, “Who is she?  I like her smile.  She is different.”  


I remember talking about girls with my friends in school.  There were the girls who “left nothing for the imagination.”  Not a lot of time was spent discussing them.  We already knew what they were about.  They were easy.   They were not given the appropriate respect that they deserved.  They remind me of a line from the movie Don’t Be a Menaceto South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.  The main character exclaims, “...if you kiss her, you’ll end up kissing every guy at the party.”  But on the other hand there were girls that we talked about all the time.  The type of girls that had our imagination running rapid.  Their hair was nice, they had pretty smiles, and they smelled good.  You knew they had a nice body, but you had to use your imagination because she was not giving out any free peeks.  If a woman doesn’t view herself as a precious treasure, what kind of value should a man assign to her?

Worthwhile women are those who leave men wanting more.  Women who affect their mind, and who cause them to imagine the possibilities, are the ones that men really want.   The girl at the supermarket, who is showing everyone everything that she is working with, is nice to look at.  But where is the intrigue?  Besides her body, what is inviting a man to want to get to know her better?  The provocative dress has turned her into an object, instead of a person.  There is no need to imagine what being with her will look like because she has already showed us.  I’M JUST SAYING!! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Ratchets Are Coming

Anyone or thing with a pulse has observed that the level of ratchet individuals are at an all-time high.  What is a ratchet?  A slang term derived from the mispronunciation of the word “wretched”.  The Urban Dictionary defines a ratchet as, “A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos that has reason to believe she is every man’s eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong.” 

Without a doubt, ratchet behavior is taking over all forms of media.  We have all seen them on e-mails, Facebook, tweets, and videos. 

Some of us have even been blessed to see a ratchet individual, live in person.  Or better yet, you may have had the privilege of having one in your own family!  Ratchets come in all genders, colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The most common response to a ratchet’s activity is the shaking of one’s head (also known as SMH (shaking my head)).  But here’s is an important question.  Has ratchet behavior always existed, or is this some new, modern concept? 

There has always been, and will always be…. ratchets.  There were ratchets before the flood of Noah’s day.  There were ratchet slaves. There are even ratchet toddlers today being trained by their ratchet parents. 

Back in the day the ratchets were kept under wraps, a secret to society.  There were known by their families, and their neighborhoods, but that was it.  All of their crazy outfits and unacceptable behavior never saw the light of day. 

For example: If Leroy prefers to sleep in women’s pajamas, nobody would ever know.  There’s no way he has a girlfriend and if his parents found out, they are not telling anybody about it.  But something has changed.  Technology.

The invention of the digital camera, more importantly the camera phone, has invited every underground ratchet to come out and play.  It’s one thing for one person to see something strange, outright weird.  But you are just one person.  Now you can take a photo of Leroy in his women’s pajamas and post it on Instagram or on Twitter for the world to see.  Or most likely, Leroy is taking and posting pictures of himself saying, "Don't I look good?" 

If you multiply this process times 10,000, you instantly have a belief that the ratchets are on the increase.  Giving a ratchet a camera is like pouring water on Gizmo from the gremlins.  All types of foolishness will break loose.  Not to mention, the ratchets are always witnessing breaking news on local news coverage.  Or, doing something stupid in the club.  I completely disapprove of the buffoonery.  But boy is it funny!  I’M JUST SAYING!            

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Real Reality TV

Consider the following two questions:  How do you feel about adults who watch WWE (professional wrestling)? 

How do you feel about adults who watch “reality” television shows (Housewives of.........., The Bachelor, etc…)? 

Interestingly, your gut reaction may be to love one and hate the other.  But a closer examination of them both reveals that in reality, they are very similar. 

In the barbershop recently, customers were making fun of a gentleman because he admitted that he was an avid wrestling fan.  He stated that he “never misses a show” and that he attends multiple “live events” a year.  Open barber chided, “Man, I can’t believe you still watch wrestling.  That is for the kids.  You’re way too old for that!”  The barber responded the same way many adults feel about grown-ups who watch wrestling.  However, the numbers do not back up those feelings.  In a recent survey it was found that only 15% of WWE viewers are between the ages of 12-17 years old, whereas 67% of WWE viewers are between the ages of 18-49.  Clearly, adults are and always have been driving the wrestling product. 

Adults love wrestling, even though it is fake.  The winners are predetermined.  The fights, dialogues, and storylines are scripted.  These storylines often involve romance, friendship, loss of friendship, revenge, national pride, sex, starting from the bottom and becoming a winner.  Whether or not a wrestler makes it is largely based on crowd reactions, whether good or bad.  The most popular wrestlers do not have to be liked by fans; they just have to arouse a strong reaction.  Does any of this sound familiar? Are we talking about professional wrestling or modern day reality TV?  Currently 1 out of 4 prime-time television shows fall into the “reality TV” category.  Why the popularity? 

People love to see drama.  Humans cannot help themselves.  If there’s an argument, yelling, fighting, or an accident we are looking and often find it hard to turn away.  Reality show producers know this, so every episode always includes some type of conflict.  All of these shows involve casted characters.  The producers thoroughly search for people who are known to be humorous, flirtatious, very jealous and confrontational.   In one case a character admitted to producers that she gets crazy when she doesn’t take her medication.  So what did the creators of the show do?  They hid her medicine for a few hours and… presto, fights galore.  It is well known in the industry that producers are producing their own drama.  Granted, they not telling people to fight or use obscene language.  But what do you expect to happen when people get together in a room that don’t like each other, and conveniently they have been drinking alcohol all day. Not to mention the manipulation of dialogue directors create to invoke conflict (Google frankenbiting). 

Another factor in why there are so many reality TV shows is that they are cheap to produce.  The average reality show cost a few hundred thousand dollars to create.  The actors are paid (how ironic), far below the going rate for a professional actor.  This has caused various lawsuits from the Screen Actors Guild.  The popularity of reality TV is causing professional actors (people who actually went to a school for the arts) to miss out on job opportunities.   Not to mention that most reality TV stars do not make any money off of their reruns or merchandising.  Look at it this way:  One episode of a prime time reality TV show may cost $600,000 an episode. A standard prime-time drama during that same time slot will cost $3 million.  If you would multiply those savings throughout an entire 12 episode season the studio saves $28.8 million.  Clearly people appearing on most reality tv shows are being taking advantage of; however, Vince McMahon (WWE CEO) has been doing this to wrestlers for years.

So the next time you laugh at a grown man that watches professional wrestling ask yourself, “What am I watching?”  It is all fake, and it’s just entertainment.  I’M JUST SAYING!     

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mentality of The Side Chick Vol. 1

The worldwide divorce rate is between 45 and 50%. 

 What does this mean?  Well, if you’re debating marriage, flip a coin to determine, whether or not, your marriage will last.  Also keep in mind that you should never do a double wedding ceremony with a friend.  Why?  The odds are that one of your marriages is not going to survive.  Why is there such a big decline in marriage longevity?    

 Statistics show that there are many reasons that lead to divorce, such as: physical abuse, drug abuse, communication gaps, financial hardships, sexual compatibility (humans have bought this on themselves which will be discussed in another blog post), depression, and work stress.  But the overwhelming leading cause of divorce is INFIDELITY.  A recent study showed that 60% of marriages involve a mate that has been unfaithful.  We can illustrate these numbers this way:

 Let’s say that 20 people in the U.S. decided to get married tomorrow.  In 5 years, 12 of these marriages would be dealing with infidelity from at least one spouse.  10 would have filed for divorce.  The remaining two marriages (who are dealing with a cheating spouse) would decide to work it out and stay together.  That leaves us with eight marriages, where both spouses have been faithful and loyal to each other (remember that we started with 20).   

 Are these numbers being brought up to discourage people away from marriage?  Not at all.  These statistics clearly show that marriage is hard work.  Unlike the fairy tales, individuals must labor for the so-called “happy ending.”  We were told that PrinceCharming woke up Sleeping Beauty, and that they lived happily ever after.  No one ever discloses to us that 2 years into their marriage, Prince Charming slept with one of the house servants, and that Sleeping Beauty almost left him.  In order to deal with the pain of her husband’s infidelity, Sleeping Beauty became a heavy drinker.

 There are so many influences and empty deceptions combating the idea of a faithful marriage.  It is only through a close relationship with God, and possessing a common spirituality, that enables a marriage to survive.  We all reflect happily upon our grandparents and how long marriages lasted back in the day.  Our grandparents were not superhuman; they were imperfect just like us.  What has changed?  Is it possible for two people in love to remain married for 60 plus years in this day and age? 

 To answer these questions we must go to one of the culprits working against us- The Side Chick.  If you could somehow get rid of the infidelity, the statistics of a longer lasting marriage would increase significantly.  One can avoid danger, if they would stay away from dangerous situations.  The signs of cheating are invisible until they are revealed; then the signs of cheating become clear as day. 

 In upcoming posts on this subject I will be introducing you to The Side Chick.  What does she look like?  What does she talk about?  Who is she looking for?  Do you already know her?  What is her motivation?  Through various interviews and conversations, you will be able to take a glimpse inside the mentality of The Side Chick.  I guarantee you that your grandparents knew about her.  I’M JUST SAYING! 

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